Association of James Braid Golf Courses

Members will know that not only did James Braid re-design Boyce Hill's golf course, but over 200 other courses around Great Britain

In 2010 the club joined the Association of James Braid Golf Courses. As the name suggests, all the member clubs were designed or redesigned by James Braid. Members of a club belonging to the association have reciprocal arrangements to play the courses within the Association for a reduced green fee.

The rules of the association are detailed below:


1 Tee reservations must be made in advance (at least 24 hours), stating you are booking under the ‘Association of James Braid Courses’ scheme

2 You will be required to provide proof of home club to Professional on your arrival – either handicap certificate or membership levy card.

3 Bookings will only be accepted based on their tee availability

4 The green fee being charged is equivalent to the member’s guest rate

5 Green fees valid for both Ladies and Gentlemen

6 These rates are for members only and not a group/society of members

The list of golf clubs belonging to the association are kept up to date by Crowborough Beacon GC if you follow the link below you can view the list.

Click HERE for link James Braid Courses as of  February 2020
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